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Anonymous said: Hey Heather, it's great to see you're following your dreams. Are you still singing??

absolutey!! i will have MUCH more to post, lots of exciting stuff VERY VERY soon :) why anonymous? ;)



today today

well… here I am.. sitting at a coffee bean waiting for audition number 2 for the day.  It’s going to require me to transform me from “hott bitchy girl” (audition one) to “home schooled nerd” … in the coffee bean bathroom. on my way into the restroom in my heels and dress with a duffel bag…..


pink scrunchy


purple legwarmers..

fash wash…

ya. everyone at coffee bean pretty much thinks i’m weird. 

my life… is weird. I like it. wish me LUCK … :)

supjennifer said: Hey, you should follow Renee on Tumblr and Twitter. How'd your audition go? She's a great girl. and @ReneeYohe :)

well I didn’t hear back, so I guess i wasn’t right for the part!! either way, I got to play her for a few minutes.. which was really cool. I will say though, that from what i read… its going to be a really great project!! I think I do follow her, follow me and keep up with my auditions too :) @reneeyohe



this is -me-

this is -me-

Call back!!

wahoo!!! got called back in for a film I auditioned for last week… Ill update more about it later :)

Audition tomorrow for another film, then going to my callback

Friday auditioning for ANOTHER film :)

Monday Auditioning for an ABC pilot…. ready for pilot season to start :) 

cross your fingers for meee :)



Love Her…

"successful people always begin the analysis of constraints by asking the question, "what is it IN ME that is holding me back?"
brian tracy, eat that frog. (clearly my last post was a joke, kind of… )


well. I haven’t posted in a few days, i’ve been a little discouraged recently. NO call backs or bookings at the moment. what the chuck man? i’m trying REALLY hard here, and taking over the world is not going as smoothly as planned. time to get back to the drawing board.

It is REALLY hard, to keep your head up and remember the positive when your auditioning. going to 100 auditions and booking one is a good ratio, but thats not easy to remember. See, when you are on what feels like your 80th audition, and pouring all your energy into studying for it and being prepared in every way..(staying up till 2 am reading scripts, memorizing lines, obsessing over outfits, studying casting directors and past people on the show… etc) and then you hear NOTHING back, again, that little part of your brain that hates you and wants you to crawl into a hole and quit at everything starts getting louder and louder, and fighting off my own brain as it tells me “you SUCK, you SUCK, you SUCK” … gets really exhausting. especially because i’m actually awesome, its not my fault that all the casting directors SUCK!!!


and thats about all i have to say about that.



Promoting a new clothing line!

Hey guys… stop by, I’ll soon be promoting their line, for no other reason than i think they’re stuff is REALLY COOL… if you want to stay one step ahead of the game, place your orders now because they will be very successful. and I will say i told ya so ;) … different, cool, affordable, what more do you need? I’ll post some pics soon of me out and about in their stuff!! very excited



make greatness your claim to fame, not fame your claim to greatness.
quote of the day. I LIKE it.